SEFTIM is an engineering firm specialising in lightning risk analysis and technical studies, in particular at sensitive sites (nuclear, aviation, data centres, explosives, oil & gas, etc.), where their expertise is recognised worldwide. 

Testimonial from Alain Rousseau, Chairman of SEFTIM and of the European Lightning Protection Standard Committee: 
« Lightning data from Météorage are an integral part of the lightning risk analysis of a site and are particularly useful to us for complex studies. As well as looking at the local lightning density, as is the case in conventional lightning studies, we also analyse the current distribution of the electrical discharges in order to determine whether the site is more severely struck than would be expected or to take account of the seasonality of thunderstorms. Thirty years ago, the only data concerned the number of days on which a human observer could hear thunder. Today, thanks to Météorage, it is possible to learn in detail about how lightning affects a site, and to know more about the spatial representation and the violence of the phenomenon. We regard this as vital to our ability to protect a site from lightning.»